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Friday, May 6, 2016


Yvette Jones and Marian Gallian
Having our book published this month is not only an honor, it is an homage to the inspiration of mothers.

As we are in the throes of motherhood, little do we know the great influence we can be to those watching and learning from us.

I look at my own mom (whom we dedicated our book to) and her humility, hard work, gentleness and great talent. She was a teacher, but she did not know it. She has inspired me and all of her grandchildren. Mom showed me the joy of hard work and the rewards of patience and the pride of a job well done. Thanks mom.

I also want to say thank you here to my own daughter Yvette who co-authored our book. Without her, this book would not have happened. I do have 7 children and each has their own special talents, but this is about Yvette today. She is an amazing mom, always teaching and sharing with her children and providing enriching activities for them. She is a caring sister, wonderful wife and a loving daughter. Thank you Yvette.

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