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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This quilt has been on my to do list for so long

I'm going to take advantage and take this class.  I even got the pattern already!

Being taught by Susan Hyatt  at Quilt St. George My fondest memories are those of Sunday night dinners, and holidays spent at Grandma's ...

Being taught by Susan Hyatt at Quilt St. George

My fondest memories are those of Sunday night dinners, and holidays spent at Grandma’s house.  Every first Sunday  of every month, after church, we’d pile into the Oldsmobile and head for grandma’s, where dinner was served on hot plates directly from the oven, and I was seated next to my grandmother, a proud, statuesque woman who evoked pride for her family in food and conversation.  On the ride home my sister and I would lie down in the back of the station wagon and watch the moon and the stars following us home . . . believing they were watching over us until our safe arrival back home. . . . That’s what this pattern brings to my heart.  

The kit includes the pattern, 5-6 skeins of black floss, a package of redwork/embroidery needles, 1 ¼ yards of Kona, 1 ¼ yards of muslin, and each panel of the pattern printed on Solvy so that no lightbox is required.  However, if you prefer a little homework to the convenience of having it done for you, you can pre-purchase the pattern, use your own fabrics, and trace the pattern yourself.  If you choose this second option, she recommends that you use a fabric pencil (like Sewline or Fons & Porter) to trace with rather than the pigma pen Meg Hawkey suggests. 
We will be doing the embroidery only in this class.  Piecing the blocks for the quilts can be done before or after class.  Fabric for the pieced blocks is not included in the kit.  

More details on website
Skill Level:Intermediate
Instructor:Susan Hyatt 

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